Keep Your Child Safe and Comfortable

Lets face it. Accidents in cars are a part of everyday life. But with the Car Seat Monitor you can now be assured that your child is safely secured in their car seat. And if your child gets out of their car seat the system will send an alert to your smart phone allowing you time to pull over and secure your child before an accident happens. In addition, the monitor tells the temperature in the back seat so if your child is too hot or too cold, you'll know!

September 2, 2014: On the Today Show: 'It can happen to any American': Mom whose son died in hot car aims to help others

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View this graphic from that demonstrates the common mistakes guardians may make, and delves into what type of car seat is appropriate for what age range, when a child is ready to graduate to a regular seat belt, and what proper car seat use looks like.

Installation is as EASY as 1-2-3!

Step 1

Download the iAlert mobile app for iOS or Android.

Step 2

Remove CarSeat cover. Place monitor in the center of the CarSeat. Attach monitor with adhesive strips. Replace CarSeat cover.

Step 3

Your child's safety and comfort are now connected!